McGraw Seafood Inc.

A model project showcasing the collaboration between Acadians and the Mi’kmaq, producing a high-quality seafood product for our clients.

Our Seafood Products

TEKPA Snow Crab Sections (Frozen, Cooked)

Tekpa, in the indigenous language of the Mi'kmaq, is meant to signify that our product comes from the cold waters of Canada.

Available Quantities


  • 10 lbs
  • 30 lbs


  • 5-8 oz
  • 8-10 oz
  • 10+ oz

Whole Cooked Snow Crab

  • ● 3kg Boxes (3P-9P)

Snow Crab Sections

  • ● 5lb (4-8oz)
  • ● 10lb (4-8oz)
  • ● 30lb (5-8oz)
  • ● 30lb (8-10oz)
  • ● 30lb (10+oz)
  • ● 3kg (L-5L)
  • ● 5kg (L-5L)

Snow Crab Meat

  • ● 200g Crab Salad Meat
  • ● 200g Crab Leg Meat


  • ● Round
  • ● Split

Herring Roe

  • ● 50lb Boxes

Miso Paste

  • ● 50lb Boxes
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Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission statements are written in three languages (English, French and Mi’kmaq), to reflect the different cultures associated with McGraw Seafood.

Bringing honour to Elsipogtog by making McGraw Seafood a model project showcasing the collaboration between Acadians and the Mi’kmaq.

Rendre honneur à Elsipogtog en faisant de McGraw Seafood un projet modèle de la collaboration entre les Acadiens et les Mi’kmaq.

Pegisitoeg gepmiteetagen Elsipogtog meta McGraw Seafood oetjiag logoagen ag gesemnemeg maologotineo Migmag ag Acadianag.

To establish a collaborative relationship between Elsipogtog and the Acadian community of the region.

Continuously improving efficiency while making a high quality product that generates benefits for the Elsipogtog First Nation.

To have an efficient workforce who are respected and appreciated.

Établir un esprit de collaboration entre Elsipogtog et la communauté Acadienne de la region.

Avoir une usine efficace qui continue de faire un produit de haute qualité et qui génère des bénéfices pour de bien-être de la Première Nation d’Elsipogtog.

Avoir une main-d’oeuvre efficace, respectée, et appeciée.

Gesemnemeg mao logoteneo ag oelaamatoltineo Elsipogtog ag Acadianag.

Gesi atjilogatasig McGraw Seafood, mee na gesi atji oetapegsoltitag Elsipogtog.

Gogenatesno logeoinoog taan gepmiteelemotjig ag oeli angamotjig.

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Our Story

McGraw Seafood was founded in 1973 by Edmond McGraw. In 1987, a group of fishermen purchased the plant. Finally, in 2008, the Elsipogtog First Nation took over the plant, which employs approximately 200 people each year.

McGraw Seafood mainly processes snow crab sections and herring roe for the Japanese and American markets. Historically operating approximately 16-20 weeks out of a year, the short seasons have generated significant benefits for the community of Elsipogtog.

Our company is a prime example of how collaboration between different cultures can yield incredible benefits for everyone. The Aboriginally-owned company directly creates 200 positions, held primarily by Acadians, in addition to another 150 Aboriginal fishermen who sell product directly to the plant. Benefits generated by the company are often used to aid in the well-being of the Elsipogtog First Nation. Some of our biggest contributions have been a specially-designed toddler school bus, a plow, large maintenance vehicles and the School Lunch Program.

Throughout the winter of 2014-15, McGraw Seafood underwent a $2.5 million expansion to adapt better to the changing Japanese and American markets. The following season, the company processed a record amount of snow crab and herring in its history.

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Our Team

Jake Augustine
General Manager

A professional picture of Jake

Mr. Augustine is the General Manager of McGraw Seafood as of January 2019. He has worked as Assistant Manager at McGraw Seafood since 2012. He brings to the table a strong administration background, organizational experience and an openness to technological innovation.

Gilles Theriault
Business Development Manager

A professional picture of Gilles

Mr. Theriault is the Business Development Manager at McGraw Seafood. He served as the General Manager at McGraw from 2015 until 2018. Having put together the feasibility study for the purchase of McGraw Seafood, he has had plenty of background in the fishing industry, having owned a consulting company for 27 years. Before accepting the General Manager position, Mr. Theriault was on McGraw’s Board of Directors for six years. Gilles brings to the table a fresh perspective, and a focus on the implementation of technological innovation inside the plant.

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McGraw Seafood (2008) Inc.

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(f) 1 (506) 395-2821


C.P. 3178
3113 rue Principale
Tracadie-Sheila, NB E1X 1G5